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Fast and effective KETAMINE treatment for medication-resistant depression

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Traditional antidepressants work, but come at a price. Side-effects, withdrawal symptoms and infectiveness looking for one that works for you.

Introducing: Ketamine Therapy

Eskatamine Spravato Treatment

  • Safe and Effective
  • Fast Acting
  • Improves Neuroplasticity

Why Ketamine Therapy?

At Bishop Health, we understand the decision to pursue a course of treatment can be intimidating. We provide the following services to help make you as comfortable as possible.


Used in hospitals around the world for decades.


While traditional medications take weeks to notice relief, Ketamine therapy can offer fast relief within hours.


Clinical trials have proven ketamine’s effectiveness of up to 90% relief in depression and other issues.

Our Ketamine Spravato Treatment Process

1. Make The Call

Relief is just one phone call away. If your depressed, and normal medication has not been effective, were here to help.

2. Fill Out Form

Fill out our brief form to provide us with the neccesry information needed to asses your current status.

3. Let Relief Begin

2 hour sessions, 2 times a week, for 4 weeks. This is what our Ketamine program offers.

Meet Our Team

Bishop Health is made up of Supportive, Trustworthy and Knowledgeable providers who go above and beyond to treat the whole you. We are here to make this process as enjoyable as it can be. Healing starts with you.

Dr. Tim Carnes


Ali Tetrault


Gabrielle Bowker


Randi Bruneau


Allison Hart


Jayne Weisberg


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